PorTable Lift Tables with wheels

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Portable lift table is a movable lifting platform. The wheeled design makes the equipment move more flexibly, making workers more efficient and labor-saving.
The road wheel has a manual brake function, making the use process safer.
The front wheel is a universal wheel, the platform can be turned at will, and the rear wheel is a directional wheel, which controls the movement of the platform to remain stable. This product supports customization.

Product Detail

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1. Can receive special voltages to meet your local voltage needs.

2. The explosion-proof valve technology is added, so there is no need to worry about the platform falling suddenly.

3. Equipped with aluminum alloy safety bar, it will stop when encountering obstacles during the descending process.

4. The surface technology adopts electrostatic spraying technology, supports color customization, and has strong anti-corrosion ability.

5. Add remote control function (optional).

6. High-strength precision oil cylinder, Japanese famous brand imported sealing ring, impeccable sealing, improve the safety of U-shaped platform.

7. Thickened scissors, strong bearing capacity, durable and stable performance.

8. Equipped with safety wedge for easy maintenance.

9. EU CE certification, lSO9001 certification.

10. The whole machine is delivered, no installation is required, and it can be used after receiving the goods.

11. Products support non-standard customization and provide drawing solutions.



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