Order Picker

  • Self-Propelled One Man Picker Truck

    Self-Propelled One Man Picker Truck

    Picker Truck is widely used in supermarkets and warehouses for picking up and stacking goods.

    This kind order picker machine can control automatic walking, automatic lifting, and steering by one person during high-altitude operations! It has beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, balanced lifting, good stability, flexible operation, convenient and reliable walking, etc. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, stations, exhibition halls and other places. , paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance and other purposes of the partner.

  • Small Semi Order Picker Truck for sale

    Small Semi Order Picker Truck for sale

    Order picker truck is he semi-electric reclaimer adopts hydraulic lifting system and battery power, which is suitable for high-altitude pickup of various small supermarkets, families, small warehouses and shelves. One-man operation is simple and maintenance-free.Semi electric order picker is flexible and convenient to operate, it is the choice for warehouse and supermarket stacking and picking. It is used in logistics, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, tobacco, food, electronics, chemicals, supermarkets and other industries.