Rotate 360 Degrees Mobile Floor Crane

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Mobile Floor Crane 360-degree rotating small electric crane adds a rotating function to the ordinary crane, making the work easier. The small mobile single-arm crane is a new type of small mobile crane developed according to the daily production needs of medium and small factories for handling equipment, warehouse in and out, lifting and repairing heavy equipment and material transportation. It is suitable for making molds, auto repair factories, mines, civil construction sites and occasions where lifting is required. Commonly used in construction, it is also used for material transportation and construction personnel’s upper and lower use to realize hoisting mechanization.

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Model No. EFC-900R
Capacity(Retracted/Extended) 900kg/ 450kg/250KG
Max. Lift Height 3180mm
Boom Extended Length 230mm+610mm+610mm
Rotating Left/Right 120°
Battery Power 2*12V/120Ah
Lift Speed 35mm/s
Drive Speed - Unload 4.5km/h
Drive Speed - loaded 4.0km/h
Retracted size (L*W*H) 2090*2000*1635mm

Rotary balance counterweight manual hydraulic small crane is equipped with electric hydraulic cylinder, rear counterweight box, all nylon wheels, national standard steel, suitable for irregular shapes, hanging baskets, etc. The lifting and handling of goods has a wide range of applications, simple and flexible operation, and is often used in factories, warehouses, logistics and other places.

Counterweight hydraulic small crane features:

1. Full hydraulic transmission, stable operation, random adjustment of operation speed, high work efficiency and low labor intensity, are the mainstream and development direction of light cranes at present.

2. Equipped with safety lock and hydraulic brake, advanced technology and good safety.

3. Use the vehicle chassis produced by well-known domestic manufacturers, with reasonable configuration and guaranteed reliability.

4. the boom material is made of national standard steel as a whole.

5. Equipped with night operation lighting and devices to warn idlers in the operation area.

After-sale service

24 hours online technical support.

The warranty period is 1 year, and spare parts will be mailed free of charge during the period by international express.



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