Boom Lift

  • China 10M-20M Towable Boom lift

    China 10M-20M Towable Boom lift

    Towable Boom lift equipment boom is made of manganese steel, 360° rotation, can cross obstacles, fast erection, automatic hydraulic support feet, can adjust the height of each foot according to the terrain to achieve the level of the platform, the trailer type is easy to transport, can be directly Quick towing, wide range of aerial work, suitable for various working conditions and terrains in the field.we also call it cherry picker.

  • China Aerial Boom Lift with CE

    China Aerial Boom Lift with CE

    Aerial Boom lift is widely used in stations, docks, public buildings and other industries and fields that require high-altitude work. It has the characteristics of low price, convenient movement, simple operation, large operation area, good balance performance, etc. In the case of uneven road surface, it can be supported by the technical wire legs at the same time, or can be supported by one leg, which is easy to operate and use, and can be driven on short distances on the road. Support high-altitude operation, optional diesel, gasoline, electric and other power, flexible and compact.This product has a very good sales in Southeast Asia, India, South America and Africa, and it is a good helper for the maintenance of street lights and power facilities.

  • HESHAN Mobile Aerial Articulated Boom Lift for Sale

    HESHAN Mobile Aerial Articulated Boom Lift for Sale

    The Articulated Boom Lift can operate in a range of 12M-45M, and is suitable for high-altitude operations such as oil refineries, oil reserves, and building maintenance. There are diesel engine self-propelled, electric self-propelled, with telescopic arm, can overhang work, cross certain obstacles or lift in one place for multi-point operation; 360-degree rotation, the platform has a large load, and can be used by two or more people at the same time Work and carry certain equipment.

  • 10-22m Electric Construction Electric Boom Lift

    10-22m Electric Construction Electric Boom Lift

    Electric Boom Lift is used in post and telecommunications, municipal construction, fire and ambulance, architectural decoration, aerial photography and shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, aviation and other industries. The operating system of the car can implement dual-position operation on the working bucket and the turntable, which is convenient to use. The four outriggers are individually adjustable, enabling the vehicle to be leveled on uneven roads. Both hydraulic and electronic control systems are equipped with limit and emergency braking safety protection devices. The working bucket adopts round tube welding and the subframe platform railing adopts stainless steel tube.

  • China 12-42M Electric Hydraulic Telescopic Boom Lift

    China 12-42M Electric Hydraulic Telescopic Boom Lift

    Telescopic Boom Lift weighing device technology, which enables accurate weighing of workbench loads. The weighing device is not affected by the position of the load on the platform, thereby avoiding misjudgment and affecting the normal operation of the platform.PLC and CAN bus control. An industrial controller is installed on the chassis, turntable and platform respectively. The protection grade of these controllers is IP65. At the same time, advanced CAN bus control is adopted. The wiring is simple, the reliability is good, and the maintenance and fault diagnosis are simple. High security. Double spool hydraulic circuit to prevent uncontrollable accidents caused by hydraulic valve jamming.