Aluminum Work Platform

  • Four Mast Aluminum Aerial Platforms

    Four Mast Aluminum Aerial Platforms

    Electric Man Lift adopts 4 sets of aluminum alloy support rods, the maximum height can reach 18M, and the load is 200kg. The stability is more powerful, and the support is optional plus battery and auxiliary walking joystick.

  • Double Mast Aluminum Work Lifts

    Double Mast Aluminum Work Lifts

    Work lifts are two sets of mast support channels that can be lifted synchronously, with good operational stability. Beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, flexible and convenient movement, safe and reliable operation. Lifting height 6M-14M,Capacity 200kg. Folding guardrail, the guardrail can be folded when put aside, the height can be lowered, space saving, and the installation is simple and convenient. Two sets of buttons are set on the lifting platform, which can be controlled under the working platform and the channel.

  • Single Mast Aluminum Man Lift with CE

    Single Mast Aluminum Man Lift with CE

    Single Man Lift adopts high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy materials. (Lifting height6M-10M),Load Capacity 125kg. The power drives the chain transmission through the hydraulic pump station, and the structure is reasonable and compact. Aluminum alloy elevator, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, stable lifting, etc., can go up and down , paint decoration places. For the purpose of cleaning and maintenance of ions, exchange lamps, electrical appliances, etc., it is best to be a safe working partner at height.

  • Three Mast Aluminum Electric Man Lift

    Three Mast Aluminum Electric Man Lift

    Electric Man Lift adopts 3 sets of aluminum alloy support rods, with a maximum height of 16M and a load of 200kg. The whole three-mast aluminum alloy lift is made of rigid aviation aluminum material. Due to the high strength of the profile, the deflection and swing of the lift are extremely small. . At the same time, this series of products has flexible operation, large load capacity, large platform area, convenient implementation, and can exert high lifting capacity in a very small space. The lift is widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc., for the installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, high-priced pipelines, etc., and high-altitude cleaning, such as single or double high-altitude work.

  • Manual Aluminum Work Lift for construction

    Manual Aluminum Work Lift for construction

    Work lift type aerial work platform is characterized by its small size, flexibility, convenience and speed. Instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need, increase the efficiency of aerial work by 60%, save 50% of ineffective labor, and make many difficult and dangerous jobs easier and safer. It is especially suitable for large-scale continuous high-altitude operations such as airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, workshops, etc.

  • Tiltable Aluminum Lifting Platforms

    Tiltable Aluminum Lifting Platforms

    Lifting platforms is made of high-strength 6000 series aviation aluminum profiles. The braking device has a good braking effect. A single person only needs to control the traction rod to realize the forward, backward, steering and stop of the elevator. The control is very simple, and the lifting adopts the upper and lower control methods. Compared with the traditional aluminum alloy lift, it has an additional set of automatic vertical and tilting devices. Upright and down, the double-acting oil cylinder piston rod is driven by the motor, and the lifting arm is controlled to be up and down by the extension and contraction of the piston rod, and there is a limit switch to detect whether it reaches the position.

  • Self-Propelled Aluminum Manlifts

    Self-Propelled Aluminum Manlifts

    Manlifts self propelle Aluminum model Type is divided into single-column and double-column. The product can be raised by 6-8 meters. The product load is 150kg. It is made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material. The Q235 steel plate is thickened to prevent bumps. It is convenient for aerial workers to operate the equipment for lifting and walking, saving time and efficiency.

  • Six Mast Aluminum Hydraulic Lift Platform

    Six Mast Aluminum Hydraulic Lift Platform

    The six-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform in the Hydraulic lift platform series has the most rigid lifting mast system, which is characterized by: high-strength aluminum alloy mast, interlocking system, retractable column and high safety factor less than 10:1 The high-strength hoisting double chain is equipped with a steel wire safety protection system to enhance strength and reliable performance. Its welded high-strength steel base is suitable for harsh working environments.