Self-Propelled Aluminum Manlifts

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Manlifts self propelle Aluminum model Type is divided into single-column and double-column. The product can be raised by 6-8 meters. The product load is 150kg. It is made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material. The Q235 steel plate is thickened to prevent bumps. It is convenient for aerial workers to operate the equipment for lifting and walking, saving time and efficiency.

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Sturdy, wear-resistant and durable polyurethane wheels, suitable for all kinds of ground with low walking resistance, low sound, and no damage to the ground.

The aluminum alloy elevator is equipped with a remote control box, which can be controlled by the control box under the equipment, or can be controlled by the remote controller above the equipment or beside the equipment, which is safe and efficient, saving you time and effort.

Safeguard emergency release button.

In an emergency, turn the emergency lower knob counterclockwise to make the platform fall under normal conditions.

Model No. Max.Platform Height(M) Load Capacity(KG) Platform Size(M) Voltage(V) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Overall Size(M)
HSMA6-1 6 125 0.62*0.62 220/380 0.75 300 1.3*0.82*2.0
HSMA8-1 8 125 0.62*0.62 220/380 0.75 320 1.3*0.82*2.0
HSMA9-1 9 100 0.62*0.62 220/380 0.75 345 1.3*0.82*2.2
HSMA10-1 10 100 0.62*0.62 220/380 0.75 370 1.3*0.82*2.2

Standard configuration

● Leveling legs with sensors

● Emergency stop button

● Charging indicator

● Limit switch

● Dual control operation

● Emergency descent system

● Standard forklift holes

● Shipping Binding Holes

● Level indicator

Optional configuration

● Overweight sensor

● AC power connected to the platform

● Platform work light

● DC power supply with charger

● Buzzer

Warranty period: 12 months from the date of manufacture.Accessories are shipped free of charge.

Transportation: ocean shipping.

Attached documents: product instruction manual, quality certificate.



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