Electric Rotary Hydraulic Lift Table

Short Description:

Electric hydraulic lift table is a lifting platform that can be rotated 360 degrees.

Sometimes the load on the platform needs to be rotated during work, at this time, the operator can operate the control handle to make the platform rotate electrically. This is a customized product.

Product Detail

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1. lSO9001 certification, EU CE certification.

2. Japanese famous brand imported sealing ring, high-strength precision oil cylinder, the sealing is impeccable, and the safety of the U-shaped platform is improved.

3. The explosion-proof valve technology is added, so there is no need to worry about the platform falling suddenly.

4. Can receive special voltages to meet your local voltage needs.

5. The surface technology adopts electrostatic spraying technology, supports color customization, and has strong anti-corrosion ability.

6. Equipped with safety wedge for easy maintenance.

7. Thickened scissors, strong bearing capacity, durable and stable performance.

8. No installation required, ready to use upon receipt.

9. Products support non-standard customization and provide drawing solutions.

You need to provide the following basic parameters, we will design the drawings.

1. Platform size: length and width.

2. Load: kg.

3. Maximum lift height.

After-sales service commitment

In order to better serve the majority of users, make the system invested and constructed by users safe and worry-free, and the equipment purchased is worth the money, our company brings pre-sales technical consultation, equipment selection, solutions, from system selection planning In order to ensure the quality performance, delivery time, service guarantee and technical support of the equipment within the warranty period and outside the warranty period.

1.The equipment warranty period is 2 years. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, we will send the accessories for free. (except for human reasons)

2. There are quality records and testing data for the manufacture and testing of products.

3. Strictly control the testing of product performance, and deliver the product after the product is confirmed to be qualified.

4. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will sincerely bring you the most favorable price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the product or changing the product components.



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