Safe Operation of The Mobile Hydraulic Lifting Platform

Hydraulic lifting platform equipment provides convenient, safe and effective services for major aerial working users, a Hydraulic lift platform car is also called a hydraulic lift, hydraulic lift, Hydraulic lifting platform equipment is divided into shear fork lifting platform, arm-bending-type lifting platform, cutting fork lifting platform is mainly divided into mobile shear fork lifting platform means that it can not move by itself, only manual movement or traction movement, when using it, the branch leg needs to be left open to ensure its stability, mobile shear fork lifting platform can reach 18 meters high, its power but AC can also be a DC bottle, the other is called the full self-propelled lifting platform, which is mainly the DC bottle lifting and moving, it can move by itself, that is, when a person controls it forward and back by controlling the handle, promotion and demotion, more fast and convenient, all self-walking lifting platform is also called self-cutting fork lifting platform or self-walking lifting platform, or a fully automatic lift platform car, we use full-vehicle electrophoresis, do not worry about its rust, battery is a well-known domestic brand of lead-acid maintenance-free battery, the table can be extended out of 90cm is mainly to help users more convenient close to the wall construction, anti-tilt, anti-overload alarm system, remote positioning, convenient for customers to use it to rent and use it, widely used in station dock gymnasium exhibition hall, convention and exhibition center and other high-altitude working environment for use.

at present, heshan industry has introduced German production standards and established good technology introduction with world-renowned power unit companies, making production scale more accurate and quality control more stringent, and is moving towards the ranks of global high-quality aerial work machinery and equipment manufacturing. Heshan welcomes guests from all over the world to visit.


Post time: Jun-13-2022